Who are we?

BMP_LoRes_4619We’re a bunch of passionate people who know what it feels like to be stranded in the middle of the night, with no food in sight.

PDF is a food delivery kitchen that operates in the western suburbs and promises delivery later than late night. Yes, we send you food till 4am ensuring that you don’t end up going to bed hungry after a late night at work or partying till the wee hours of the morning. Our food is prepared fresh once the order is placed and reaches you in 60 mins.

We believe there are no short-cuts when it comes to food so whether it’s sourcing farm fresh chicken from an ISO certified plant or getting a clay tandoor all the way from Delhi, we go the whole nine yards. Our recipes are tried and tested for weeks and we have a mix of experienced as well as young chefs. You can feel desi with our authentic Butter Chicken or satisfy the gourmet in you with our Red Snapper Fish Meuniere. We have dishes picked up from the regions of India, like the Jammu De Rajma from Jammu and Kashmir and Crab Masala from the coastal belt. The Tomato Lemongrass Broth is a bowl of comfort and Masala Fries are apt for those late night cravings.

We take orders via:
Phone – 9820285558/9820895559
Website – www.potdefusion.com
App – Pot de Fusion on Android

We’re on social media too:
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/potdefusion/
Twitter – @PotdeFusion
Instagram – @PotdeFusion